17 June 2017

Where Have I Been? | OOTD

It's been 2 weeks and I have managed to get behind on my blog again, the sun comes out and I just cant help wanting to spend all of my spare time sown the beach.

I consider my self to be extremely fortunate, living only a 10 minute walk to this beautiful location. I cant help but want to spend all my time there and can you blame me. 

Another reason I have been MIA has been because of my silver smithing, to my surprise the pieces I make actually sell. Which has been a huge confidence boost and made me think seriously about doing it properly and setting up a little online shop. I still love blogging but it has taken a back seat right now, there will still be regular posts (hopefully 1 a week) and I have loads of content coming your way for the rest of the month, exciting collaborations, brand reviews and a post about the new Etsy shop that I am launching.


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