28 May 2017

Bikini Body Ready? | Life

WOO! Summer is here so be prepare of all of the beach pics! I thought I would share this post to make the first proper day of summer seem official. What I mean is, is that I can look back on a cold windy day like today and remember that we at least had one really hot day.

I feel like the phrase/ #bikini body ready gets posted around the internet and front of magazines so much in the lead up to the summer. I really hate the saying I feel like it makes women (and men) feel they have to diet and look like the unachievable air brushed pictures we see. It also makes women and men feel like they cant enjoy the summer, it makes them cover up and feel ashamed for absolutely for no reason! 

So when I named this post I was referring to the really "bikini body struggle" finding a F***ing swim suit to fit on said body!!!


Over the last year I have put on weight so new swim wear was needed. As I have discussed in previous posts, my body shape/size as never really bothered me. I guess working as a dancer I developed a think skin and I learnt not to care what people thought . So any way I wanted to find some cute new pieces of swim wear that I can rock this summer..... easier said than done!

I know I'm a little chunky and I have a large-ish bust, but I don't understand why the high street just doesn't make bikini's in my size. I am a size 12 but naturally size up to a 14 because who wants VPL, right? (I use to do this even when I was a size 8). But then even when I try on a 14 from the Topshop swim range for example the bikini top barley covers my nipple? And its the same with New Look and H&M and every other store. Why? I honestly don't understand why the fashion industry cant cater for all sizes. P.S I know Asos do do bigger sizes in the chest which is awesome! But there sizes in the decent designs sell out super fast.

This 2 piece is from the Boohoo Curve range I ordered this one in a size 16 so it was to big but I just took it in a small bit at the waist and a small bit on the top. I've linked it below along with a different colour option.

Let me now what you thought, also if you have any amazing swim wear companies that I might not know about please leave me a link below!


  1. Ahh you have the T-shirt I'm desperately after, can't find it any where. Looks lovely in you!

    1. Oh no, my local Topshop still had a few when I was in the other day so maybe try a few of the high street shops.


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