11 May 2017

A 3 Year Old Dress | OOTD

Reuse Reduce Recycle, I feel like that was drummed into me at school and is definitely not a bad motto to live life by. Fast fashion pollution has only really been on my mind recently, I guess I never thought about it before, I know that it couldn't be good for out planet but I never imagined how bad things really were!

So I have started to think about buying less, only buying items that I know that will last me several seasons and reusing items in my wardrobe. Which leads me onto todays outfit, this dress I have had for nearly 3 years I actually brought it for London fashion week back when I had only just started blogging and have only worn it once. Its so pretty, the perfect spring dress so I don't know why I haven't worn it.

What made fall back in love with this piece was my new belt from New Look. I brought this purposely to wear with existing clothes in my wardrobe to spice them up a bit and bring them on trend. I know that I still purchased a new item of fast fashion but to me if that item means I can reuse more of my wardrobe then I feel I have mildly reduced my foot print on the world.

I know as a blogger I can be seen to be adding fuel to the fire, but from now on I really want to make a conscious effort to change the impact I have to the environment and just be more aware. I have linked this article which is an interesting read if you are interested.


Instead of listing the usual items below I thought I would list a few pieces that I think could fit in to any ones wardrobe to help you reuse your existing clothes. 


I would love to know your thoughts on the growing issues in the fashion industry, and would urge you to do some googling and find out more about the issues and ways you can help.



  1. Hi Sophia, this 3-year-old dress still looks great on you and I like the way you re-styled and that your conscious and responsible in terms of helping to save Mother Earth!

    Sybil Street
    Saintly Style Blog

  2. Loved the way you styled this look, that belt looks awesome on you!


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