12 April 2017

Good Toe's, Naughty... | OOTD

Good Toe's, Naughty, Toes, Good Toes....if you have ever taken a ballet class then you will totally get the reason for this blog title. 

Spring has sprung, the legs are slowly being exposed and I am getting excited about all of the new spring trends. I love that ballet shoe lace ups have worked there way on to high street, I think they're so sweet and girly, the perfect spring shoe. These Ego Official ones are such great dupe for the more expensive designer ones around. I realise that the ankle detail isn't the most flattering on my tree trunks but to be honest I don't care because I feel so cute wearing them, they take me back to my dance school days. If you have small ankles then this trend is a must for you!

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