15 April 2017

Girly in Gingham | OOTD


I didn't think I'd ever be posting pictures of my self in a body con dress, even when I was a lot smaller I never got on with the style. But I found this cute little gingham number while charity shopping with my Nanna and couldn't pass it up for only £3! So I decided to F**k the chubby bod and rock it regardless!

To be honest I don't know why I made rules in my head about not being able to wear certain styles. It seems silly, I am fully aware that I look chunky but I also felt really cute, a few months ago I wouldn't have let my self buy this dress let alone wear it out bare legged. I don't know why I did this to my self but I am happy that I now feel comfortable enough with my body to just wear the clothes that I want and allow my self to feel happy in them. Also I found that this dress was the perfect mini skirt length so maybe I'll venture out in search of more body cons like this for the summer.

Gingham seems huge this season, I typed it in the search bar on the Topshop website trying to find you guys a similar dress and was shocked at the amount that came up! When I wear it I just cant help but feel so cute and girly, perfect for the spring I hope this trend sticks around to the summer months. 


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  1. I like the dress. Good for you for rocking it! I also am heavier than I once was and it's helpful to see how clothes fit on real women as opposed to tiny models. Thanks!

  2. Such a cute outfit! Very Parisian chic!


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