8 April 2017

Double Denim Chill | Blue Vanilla

Do you ever just wonder when did blogging all became so serious? 
I feel like I have to run a empire when all I want to do is share my outfits with you and talk about lipstick!

I have really been struggling to come on here and write something for ages because I didn't have a topic to talk about, let alone link it to an outfit. I am not a natural writer (as you can probably tell!!), english was my worst subject at school and as I have said before it took 2 attempts to get me a C. So I have decided to screw it!!

I am going to go back to the old days when I just wrote as little or as much as I liked and didn't try and take on the world with every post. I like fashion and connecting with people who hold a similar interest. I am excited to fall back in love with my blog and hope to be getting back to posting a few tines a week! 

So on to my outfit...Double Denim. I would normally stay well away, but I still quite haven't gotten over the 80's revive that happen at the end of winter. So I'm digging this look, as always its something that I can see Barb form Stranger Things wearing so of course I like it. 

I think the embroidery on this Blue Vanilla shirt is such a cute addition making this outfit more spring like and matches my bag and boots pretty well. Just a heads up this Blue Vanilla shirt is actually pretty long and could be worn as a mini dress and as a added bonus it has pockets!!


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