28 April 2017

5 April Favourites | Life

I have been meaning to sit down every month and do one of these but every time I forget and it ends up being to late to post. I am determined this month to sit down and write it, I think I have discovered some awesome new things that I just have to share with you!

I'll start with shoes, my favourite subject. I am sure if you follow my Instagram that you will know the pair that haven't left my feet, they are these Ego ballet flats (a totally obvious knock off of the Miu Miu ballet pumps from last season). I didn't realise how versatile these little pumps would be, the go with every outfit and make me feel so cute! I would 100% recommend them for a shoe that costs £25 they are surprisingly high quality!

keeping on the clothing theme I have been wearing this denim Topshop mini skirt none stop. I have found it goes with so much and is the perfect transitional piece that I can pair with tights and a jumper of a pretty spring blouse.

My hair has become a bigger priority of mine recently and I have started investing in a products that really do my hair some good. Percy and Reed have been a brand that I have admired but never wanted to pay the hefty price tag. Well my local TK Max now stocks a fare amount of products and these 3 have really perked my hair up and I now understand the price tag and hype around the brand. I'll let you know more the more I use them.

So 2 Netflix recommendations now. One that I feel very passionate about is 13 Reasons Why. I genuinely feel that every one should watch this show, especially if your between the ages of 14-18. It is very dark and has had backlash because some people feel it could act as a trigger so someone who is venerable, which I do understand. But I feel like this program made me a better person it is really eye opening and made me appreciate that I will never know what another person is going through, and that a smile of a outreach of kindness can really make a persons day. The show is wonderfully done and is so raw, it took me several days to get over it.

My second recommendation is Inside Number 9, apparently this has been out of years but it has only been added to Netflix this month. Its by the same people who did League of Gentleman, so if you like that you will love this. Every episode has its own story and usually is full of black humour and has a dark twist or 2. I loved is and have watched most episode twice!

Moving on to my fav hobbies this month. If you watch my Insta Stories you might have seen that I have started up my Silver Smithing again. I have made up my first collection of 10 items to sell in the gift shop where I work, prices range from £12 - £40. I don't plan on making a living from it but the more I sell the more new equipment I can buy meaning the more I can learn.

Another way that I have been spending my spare time have been Bullet Journaling. I love hand writing and laying pages out and making them look pretty. I wont say to much as I have a full blog post about it coming later in the month.

So thats it, those are the top 5 that I have been loving over the course of April. Let me know your favourites and leave me recommendations below.


  1. I adore those flats! I'm impressed with your silver smithing - those pieces are gorgeous!

    Doused In Pink

  2. Your ballet flats are my total favorite! They look so comfortable!

    Pumps and Push-Ups

    1. Thank you Brooke. They are really comfy, I think they will be my favourite shoes this month as well!

  3. I love your look, very chic.
    Stay in Style
    Karen @ Lookbook Store Wordpress


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