22 March 2017

Trying the L'oreal Infallible Range | Makeup

I saw that every blogger was trying this new range from Loreal out, it sparked my curiosity and decided I needed to try it!

The 2 pieces I picked up form the new range are the new foundation, The Infallible Toal Cover in shade Light Sand and the Infallible Total Cover Concealer Pallet. I had never tried one of these colour corrector pallets before so was excited to see if it actually worked.

So I started with a moisturised naked face and used my fingers to apply the different shades on my face. I think the moisturiser really helped as since I have tried it with out any and I find that it can dry my skin out a little. I used the Green to correct the Redness in my skin and the Purple to Brighten under my eyes. I also used a bit of the reddish tan colour to help brighten as well. I blended all the colours in with a wet beauty blender, which works perfectly!


I love this foundation, I have actually been using it every day instead of my beloved YSL. Its has a really light weight texture, like a moose but is so full coverage! The one down side for me is that it has a very matte finish, like a powder. So again I always make sure to moisturise before using it.

Over all I love both of these new products, the foundation has definitely made it into my daily makeup bag. The concealer pallet is lovely but it a bit of a faff for every day, I think I will just wear it on special occasions when I want a flawless face.  

Have you tired the any of the new Loreal range? Any recommendations? Leave me a comment. 

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