20 March 2017

Radio Silence | A Week Away from my Phone

Taking a week off, a break from your phone and social media sounds like hell to some people but I found it to be so rewarding and  would recommend it to any one else who gets caught up in the cyber world. I spend so much of my time looking at my phone, checking Instagram worrying if my recent post will get enough likes, scrolling though Facebook and watching funny videos. Making sure that I take photos for tomorrows Instagram posts, remembering to use Twitter, trying to always be active online. Its a full time job!

Well last Sunday I just thought, do you know what I just don't fancy it today which lead to Monday, Tuesday and before I knew it I had decided to just stop for a week. I got so much done, I read books, I spent time at my parents, helped my little brother with his Uni portfolio, tidied my house, got my Bullet Journal looking pretty. 

I found that it also gave me the time to miss social media and miss blogging. As the saying goes "absence makes the heart grow founder" and it is true, after a week off  I have so many ideas. I have sat down today and wrote 3 posts, which is very unlike me. But it has also made me realise that I need to make more time for real life and do things that I enjoy more.

Would you ever do a week with out social media?

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