24 January 2017

The Fishnets Trend | OOTD

The 80's are back and I am reluctant to admit that I am loving it! As most people these days I look at Instagram and other social media for my style inspiration, and all I can see is fishnet tights with everything.

For me they bring back fond memories of dancing, I was never on stage with out a thick nude pair on, they made my legs look great and held everything in. For some reason the thought of a black pair scare me, I feel they really highlight my legs and show them off, which in my case isn't the best when you have short chunky stompers. I also felt they might make me look a little cheap and lets be honest we all use to think of them in a bad light. I thought I would give them a go any way and layer them under some of my Topshop Mom jeans and I have to say I love the look! For one they kept me so warm which is always a bonus but they also gave the outfit a bit of edge (I'm the least edgey person you'll ever meet) and interest, I think it made the outfit look more put together. I now want to wear fishnets under all my jeans!


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Whats your thoughts on the trend? 


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  1. The fishnet trend has become one of my faves I love seeing it one people

    Life is just Rosie


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