13 January 2017

10 Facts About Me | OOTD

As I said in last Sundays post, this year I want my blog to have more personality, I want to share more of my life and have more fun with my blog. So I came up with the idea that I would do 10 random facts about me that you might not have known. I hope you enjoy this post and hopefully some will make you smile. If you want me to do like a Q&A in the future I will, leave me some questions in the comments 

I hate hate hate butterflies! I think they are so beautiful but there erratic movement freaks me out. Going to Butterfly World (a popular tourist attraction where I live) is my worst nightmare!

I was a professional Burlesque performer and cabaret dancer for 3 years, I have danced in Las Vegas, Paris, Amsterdam, Ireland and more. I am also in a naked (tasteful) picture on the back of a bus advertising the show I was in at the time. 😆 😆

My real name is Sophie Scott, when I started my blog I was still working as a performer so I used my stage name. Seems a bit late to change things now so I'll stay as Sophia Bonbelle.

I cant ride a bike. 

My favourite film of all time is Love Actually, I can/have watched it on repeat several times in 1 day and not got bored. I also recently only realised that Rick from Walking Dead was in it...my mind is still blown!!

I recently got rid of 13 dread locks, I had 3 real ones which I had grown for 2 years and the other 10 were extensions.

My 2 favourite foodie drink type things are Tea and Cake. I literally love any cake and can eat it for breakfast lunch and dinner (hence my little double chin 😮 ). And Tea well, I just cant get enough I'm a 10 a day kinda girl!.. Milk and 1 sugar please.

I am dyslexic, reading,writing and especially spelling have always been such a struggle for me, I had to take my english GCSE twice and eventually got a C. It seems kind of funny to me that I now write my own blog, it took a lot of confidence to start but I think it has actually taught me so much and has really improved my english skills. 

I have never had a filling, no dental work at all and I hope to keep it that way

My dream career would to be a blacksmith, I go a A* at school for my woodwork and metal work. I have always dreamt of being a one but in reality I am not strong enough and those power hammers scare me, so I'll stick to my silver smithing


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As I said I hope you enjoyed this post, did any surprise you? If you want me to do a Q&A leave me a comment below....


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