30 December 2016

Boxing Day Sale Haul | Topshop & New Look


I thought I would take some blog pictures showing you what I picked up in the Boxing Day sales, like a little haul. 

Every christmas eve me and my mum have a tradition of going to the Topshop sales, I know thats a strange thing to do but we have been doing it since I was 13 and now it just doesn't seem like Christmas eve with out a spending spree. I have to say this year was the first year I didn't go crazy. All the items that I had hoped to be in the sale weren't and the few clothing items I saw were in the wrong sizes. But I did manage to pick up these boots, I had been after a pair of smart black boots with no heel, as all the ones I have, have a heel. These were only £35 reduced from £69 I thought that was a pretty good deal for some boots I know I'll get a lot of ware out of.

The only other shop I visited was New Look, now if you know me well that will shock you. I normally never go into New Look, I always struggle to find anything in there and I just really don't like my local shop. But I went in and found 2 things that I love! The first thing I found was this coat, I have been after one of these since last Christmas but just hadn't found the perfect one. This coat was only £24!! reduced form £50. It isn't the perfect coat but for that price I couldn't leave it behind, its is suppose to have tie that goes around the waist, I think it makes it look like a dressing gown so I just took it off ( I have linked the black version below). The second item from New Look is this little shirt dress, I think I saw Tanya Burr wearing this a while back and new I needed to get my hands on it. I had been into look for it before christmas but hadn't seen it so I was super happy to see that they had it in the sale for only £13! I wore it on Boxing day evening and I got so many compliments, if you can get your hands on it I would highly recommend it!

Get the Look.... All items currently in the sale!



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