27 September 2016

The Look of You | Pandora

Yay its finally here; Autumn is with us and I am so happy so see its return.  Its time for snuggly jumpers, pumpkin spice lattes and winter boots.


I feel like Autumn is when fashion inspires me the most, I can express my personal style. I love packing away my summer wardrobe getting rid of what I didn't wear, what doesn't fit and starting a fresh. This season I am going to make a promise to my self to be more daring with my clothes, wear what I want and not be pressured by the trends. 

I Love these trousers, I brought them a few years ago when I was last in the states, they cost me $5 from UO, the bargain of my life!!!  I normally only wear these trousers with a dressy work outfit but I've decided they need more wear and I should give them the love they deserve. I know this look is hardly daring but its a start in the right direction with jazzing up my day to day wardrobe. "The look of you" is a campaign by Pandora, about wearing things your way, giving it your own personal twist. This beautiful ring seems like it should been worn for a special occasion but I love wearing it with this casual look, I like the contrast and the bit of sparkle it adds. I really recommend looking at the new Pandora autumn range they have some beautiful pieces that are really unique.

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