19 August 2016

Home Inspiration | Kate Rucker Design

As you probably know I have recently moved in to my first place with my boyfriend so I thought I would start to share a few homeware things on my blog. My style of interior design is very eclectic, I want to my home to feel like an emporium, I want to fill it with unusual objects, random curiosities and unique artwork. As I have found achieving the eclectic look takes time, years maybe; but I think I have made a good start.

One of my favourite places to shop for homeware is Esty, they have a huge huge range of small business selling unique quirky items some of which are so affordable like this awesome brand Kate Rucker Design. She specialises in illustrated items, like greeting cards, postcards, t-shirts and lots more. I have a few of her postcards and greeting cards, I got these to dot round my house to bring a smile to my face. I brought 2 cheap frames from Tesco for about £2, I always think putting anything in a frame instantly makes it look more expensive and creates a stand out piece. I have had so many compliments on the whale postcard I framed from guests I've had to my house. So if you cant afford fancy artwork, buying a postcard and framing it can be a great way to get the look for less.



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