30 August 2016

Base Layers | Bra Stop

So my first lingerie post in a while...I feel kind of shy posting this on my blog, I use to chat about underwear a lot and think nothing of it but its been a little while since I shared my body for the world to see.

The reason behind this little post is the fact I wanted to share this awesome company with you, if you are like me and have a large(ish) chest or a unusual size that high street shops don't stock then Bra Stop is the place for you. I am a size 34F, most high street shops go up to a D and thats it, so shopping for sexy, pretty bras can be a real head ache. 

When I buy a set like this it will normally be for a special occasion, like a posh party or wedding etc, an a occasion I want to feel extra special and confident. I'll plan my outfit around the underwear, or buy underwear to compliment my dress. When I saw this polka dot set from Scantily by Curvy Kate stocked at the Bra Stop, I instantly thought PinUp which reminded me of my burlesque/modelling days and I knew I had to have it. A set like this is the perfect base to build an outfit around, it also instantly boosts my confidence, having it in the right size and fitting perfectly just makes me stand up taller and helps me feel special. Every girl should have at least one really nice lingerie set in the underwear draw for those days when you need that extra bit of pizzazz!





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