20 May 2016

Pom Pom Fun | BKLYN

I know what your all thinking, a blog post about a bobble hat in spring...well this little hat is just to amazing not to talk about!

As you probably all know the bobble hat made a huge come back last winter and I have a feeling this trend will be sticking around a while! So I decided to take the opportunity to get my self a new one ready for autumn.

This hat is from the company Bklyn , a online store that specialises in luxury winter accessories, like hats scarves ect (they also have a mens and children's range too). The hats are what really caught my attention, they come in a huge range of colours with different types of fur to choose from, but the best part that makes them so unique... you can un-popper the pom pom and attach a different colour! I thinks its amazing the best thing invented since sliced bread! Haha but seriously what a good idea! If your brought 2 hats you would 4 different combinations to wear, you can swap with friends and have a really unique look (another bonus to having the pom pom removable is you can wash the hat if you wanted to).

The quality of this hat is incredible, I know its going to last me many cold seasons. Have a look at the website, the colour combinations are endless! I am thinking of getting my self one in another colour, so if you have a suggestion of what you think would look good with my other pom pom's leave me a comment!


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