7 April 2016

Teami Blends | Get Healthy With Me

So you many have seen me on my Instagram (@sophia_bonbelle) talking about Teami Blends. As may all know I am a huge tea drinker, in fact I drink to much tea, 7 a day is way to much and I have decided  need to cut back. This spring I want to get heathy, not loose weight or diet ect ; I want to just put healthier things into my body and look after my self a little better.

My First Impressions. So I'm starting with a new tea, Teami Blends, this is a detox tea that helps (according to their website)...Boost your metabolism, Start burning stored fat, Calms muscle spasms and muscle tightness, Naturally raise energy levels, Detox your internal organs, Reduce bloating, Improve skin complexion, Flush out harsh toxins, Fix digestive issues. So I don't know if it dose all those things but I thought it was worth a try, as the less milky sweet tea I drink the better. My first impressions of the Skinny Tea was this stuff looks cool! Its dry when you spoon it in but when it absorbs the water it turns back into full leaves and looks quite pretty in my Teami Tumbler. The taste is pleasant, its similar to green tea, but with a more earthy taste (sorry I'm awful at describing taste!). I have been drinking this most mornings and taking it to work with me and drinking it on the way. The Colon Tea I am not such a fan of this one, the taste is more herbal, which isn't my jam. The tea bag quality is amazing though, they come in little silk bags, they feel so luxury!

After using the tea for 2 weeks, I have noticed a few improvements, my skin is definitely looking better!! I had a few spots near my hair line and they have completely gone, so that might be down to this. I have also noticed that my bloating has gone down loads, I'm sure this is the work of the tea, Teami has help me cut down of my milk and suger intake, which has made me feel so much better! So for 2 weeks I'm very happy with the results and would really recommend trying Teami Blends!

If you want to give Teami Blends a go I have a special Discount Code, BONBELLE10 . This will get you 10% off your whole order!!!



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