16 April 2016

Dress Up and Go | Topshop

Its that time of year again, weddings, christenings, if your lucky the races. The invites start coming through the letter box, social events start popping up all over the place, and you are left wondering what your wear to them . Well I have found the perfect dress to do them all!

I was scrolling through Topshop the other day looking for some new jeans, and noticed how amazing the dresses section is, I am a huge Topshop fan (as you are probably very aware!), I normally shop there for my everyday wardrobe and didn't think to look for a 'dressy dress'. They have a huge range of dresses loads of lovely casual ones but also loads that are perfect or special occasions, like weddings, christenings and even a your prom. I have 2 weddings to attend this summer so I wanted to find a dress that I could wear for both.

As I was scrolling through this one caught my eye, its literally the perfect dress for me! This cut is my go to, and I think it is for a lot of women, it really accentuates my curves and hides any problem areas.  The colour is a little out of my comfort zone, I would normally wear black or a dark colour, I wanted something pretty and spring like that would last me through the summer months. Its completely different from anything else I own.

 The reason I find this dress so perfect is because of the simple cut and elegant lines, I plan to wear this look for the first wedding and then restyle the dress and wear it 2 months later for the second. I know this dress can be worn again and again and wont date or get old, I plan on wearing pink accessories with a skinny belt and some cute heeled sandals, maybe have my hair down? Buying a staple dress like this can be such a good investment and I would really recommend this dress for anyone looking for a allrounder this spring/summer. 

Shop the dress by clicking the link below

Shop the dress by clicking the link below

 Head Band Monsoon | Lip Stick Nars | Dress Topshop | Purse/Clutch Bag Kate Spade | Shoes Asos 
(all my jewellery hand made by me)

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  1. Beautiful! The dress looks so good on you xoxo


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