29 March 2016

The Perfect Work Bag | Marc B | 3 Ways to Wear

So a new blog series for spring...3 Ways to Wear! I thought this would be a interesting way to see how much use I can get out of certain items, see if they are worth the money, can they be worn for different occasions ect ect...

So kicking the series off with my new Marc B bag! When I saw this bag I instantly thought its perfect for work, its big and roomy, the perfect size for my MacBook (13"). Surprisingly I don't own any nice black handbags so this was the perfect addition to my collection. The quality of the bag is amazing, I'm normally a bit of a snob and wont use a faux leather bag, but this has completely changed my mind! The faux leather looks so real and feels lovely, the hard wear is to a really high standard, and the strap feels really sturdy. I can tell this bag is going to last me!

As a added bonus I've decided to do a little "Whats in my Bag". Showing you what I'd take to work and how much I can fit in my work bag!

So as you can see it fits my Mac perfectly, I have the 13", I can fit it in even with a small case and if I really squish I can get my charger in as well (although I normally use the charger at work if I need it). I then carry a note book, I like to pretend I use it to write important things but I usually just end up drawing little doodles, haha. It has 3 small pockets on the inside, I use these to for my pens, pencils and a silly amount of lip products! I also carry my reading glasses, purse and the sunglasses i'm wearing that day.

I hope you liked this little work outfit post, I thought it would be a little more interesting than my normal ones (I'd love to hear some feedback!). This is only 1 of 3, I'll be working this bag into a few other outfits, so keep posted to see more.

Sunglasses Marc Jacobs | Dress Topshop | Jewellery made by me | Bag Marc B | Boots Primark


  1. Love the bag! Also like the new idea of the series, ill be coming back to read more :) xoxo

  2. Nice bag. thanks for sharing such a useful post.

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