9 March 2016

Keeping Warm with Buff | OOTD

If you haven't noticed this winter I have been obsessed with bobble hats! This silver one from Buff, is the latest addition to my collection. I thought I would so a blog post showing 2 ways in which I styled this hat, one casual outfit walking my dog and the other a smarter look that I would wear to the office.

This hat is from the brand Buff, a brand that I have been wearing from the age of about 10. They are famous for there 'Buffs', a snood type thing (but fits tighter) that you can wear around our neck, as a hat, use as a hair band and lots more useful things. They contacted me asking if I would like to try out something from there website, I jumped at the chance as I know the quality and wanted to share the brand with you all.

I was surprised to see that they don't just make 'Buffs', they have a huge range of products like hats, scarfs, snoods and a children's range. I picked out this hat as I thought it was stylish and loved the look of the silver finish on the knitted wool, something really unique! This hat is the perfect hat for me, it is fully lined, so will be perfect to wear walking on the downs with my pooch (his names Boot, I haven't introduced him only blog yet) and it is also fashionable so I can wear it on my commute to work and be kept toasty warm. The quality of this hat is so good, it keeps me so warm, my other hats that are more 'fashion hats' don't compare! I would defiantly recommend looking at Buff if you want something stylish and practical, I am planning a ski holiday next year and I know this hat will be coming with me.




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