22 March 2016

How I Apply False Nails | Elegant Touch

You may have noticed recently that I have been loving wearing false nails. I have pretty chubby hands and my nails always look tatty because I do silver smithing.  Self adhesive false nails are the perfect ay to spruce up tired hands and add some glamour with out the cost or commitment of having them done at the salon.  Here is a little insight into how I put them on (its super easy!).

 Sorry for the horrible state of my hands!

Step 1
Tidy up your nails with a nil file provided, and push back your cuticles. This helps the nails last longer and look neater on your finger.

Step 2
Before applying any glue try each nail and work out the best fit for each finger, then lay them out so they are easily assessable. I found this a really important step, things tend get messy when you try to glue and find the right nail all at the same time!

Step 3
Apply the glue generously all over your nail, I found the more the better, you can always tidy any excess up after. I then place the top edge of the false nail onto the top edge of mine and line them up. once I am happy they are in line press down hard and keep the pressure applied for about 30 seconds.

Step 4
Once all my nails are attached I then go back and try and remove any excess glue. The best way to do this is to get my hands warm and wet, I then can pick off the glue...

...and tah dah! My nails are done and probably only took 10 minutes of my day.  My hands are now looking beautiful and no one will know I have stumpy, damaged nails haha.

The quality of Elegant Touch Nails is amazing, cant fault them! They lasted me about 3 days before they started coming off, and when I decided to take them off it was super easy, and didn't leave my nails in a mess.


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