3 February 2016

Valentines Gift Guide | Wish List Wednesday

The time of year every girl loves but dreads at the same time....What on earth do you by your other half! I made a collection of items that I thought would help you with ideas of what to get and where to find the perfect pressy.

Me and my there half are big tea and coffee drinkers so I can't go wrong with buying him a new mug or 2. I found this really unique one from Ted Baker, it only retails for £10 but looks a lot more luxury. The other mug I chose was the Vault Boy one bellow, Rich is a huge fallout fan and it the perfect gift for any Fallout gamer, you can purchase this one from Game. Game have loads of quirky gifts for gamers, so if your partners into that, I'd recommend taking a look!

If you are unsure of a quirky gift, then I added in some safe bets. A watch like this one from ASOS is only £22 but looks so much more expensive. A wallet is always a good gift to give, it useful and every one needs one. Topman have some really nice designs that would appeal to all tastes and all budgets. This one is only £18 and comes in a nice box.

Hope this was some what helpful, if you have any awesome valentines shopping suggestions leave me a moment below!

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