23 February 2016

Day 1 | London Fashion Week AW16

London Fashion Week is one of the first things I mark on my calendar at the start of the year. I love the buzz around London and I know that even if I didn't get any invites I would still spend the few days in London watching the best dressed walk the streets.

Unfortunately I managed to catch a horrible cold just before and felt really under the weather, this  meant I had a last minute outfit change as I just wanted to feel comfortable and warm. I wore a black polo neck and tucked it into these navy Zara flares (they are darker in person so the colour clash wasn't to bad) I then added a leopard belt and took my Kate Spade Clutch. 

This year I was invited to 15 shows, which I couldn't quite believe when they all came through my door! My heart then broke when I noticed most of them clashed and that I could actually only attend 6 shows, but none the less I was still so happy with the selection. My first show that I saw was the Point Blank presentation 'The Space Invasion Collection', this was the most random show I have ever attended, don't get me wrong it was super cool but so random!! The first model came out in these amazing thigh high, lime green, sequin platform boots riding a micro scooter, the second wondered around eating a packet of crips (see my YouTube video for the footage) The clothes all had simple cuts with a vintage feel, very 90's. The stand out piece for me was the last dress it was solid sequins with a geometric pattern cutting across with a contrasting silver.

The second show I attended on the first day was by the very talented designer David Ferreira, this is one of my favourite shows, I loved every piece! His collection reminded me of The Queen of Hearts, it had bold silhouettes with vibrant clashes of pinks and reds. I loved the use of texture and fur as well. My favourite dress has to be the one photographed above, I love the puff ball skirt and fluffy cuffs, it has a 80's punk feel, I could see Madonna rocking this! I have loads of video footage of this runway, including one of the poor models tipping over! So if you want to see more keeps you eyes peeled for my YouTube video coming soon...



  1. I'm so jealous, I wish I could go!

    1. Aww, well hopefully ill be attending next season and I promise ill be sharing it all again on my blog !!

    2. Aww, well hopefully ill be attending next season and I promise ill be sharing it all again on my blog !!


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