24 January 2016

New Loves | Katie Wu

To much camel? I have never been a real fan of the colour up until about a week ago. I brought this coat for £25 in the Marks and Spencer's sale and its started a new love affair! I then went out and brought this skirt from Tescos which matches perfectly!

I feel the same thing has happened with rose gold, I know I'm super late getting on the rose gold bandwagon, but better late that never right? I got to choose 2 pieces of jewellery from Kaytie Wu and  decided to give rose gold a try, well I now love rose gold and and so happy with the pieces I received!    My favourite has to be the necklace, I love the brush affect on the mental and contrast of colours. It means I can wear clashing jewellery with out feeling like I am committing a fashion faux pas! The Ring is also so beautiful, I'm not normally a 'blingy' girl but I thought it was to pretty to pass up. It adds just the right about of sparkle to an outfit and I love the unusual hexagon shape!





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