20 December 2015

Sunday Lunch | OOTD

These Boots. Need I say no more. 

I've had my eye on these boots since seeing them while killing time in Topshop at London Fashion Week. They are truly the most beautiful winter boots I've seen this year. I had originally dismissed buying them due to the £115 price tag, but then Toyshop reduced them down to £65 and I just couldn't say no, it was meant to be!

I found styling them a little tricky (I have had them a week and this is their first outing). I can't wear something to short with them, as I'd run a rick of looking a bit saucy. But at the same time I can't wear a midi/maxi skirt. I went for a modestest length jumper dress that hits just above the knee, making the outfit a little more casual. I added my go to scarf and handbag (sorry you are all probably sick of seeing them!) and left my hair messy. I could easily style these for a night out by wearing a simple black dress and bare legs.

I love this outfit and I know ill be rewearing a lot this christmas week. Let me know what you think, leave me a comment! Merry Christmas! 



  1. I want your whole outfit! Those boots are awesome !!

    1. Thank you! The boots are my favourite things I've brought this season, I believe the have been reduced even more on Toyshop.com


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