31 December 2015

2015 A year of OOTD's !!!

Its new years eve and its time for a through back! I have been blogging almost a year now and its funny to see how far I have come and how my style has changed. So if you want to see some bad outfit choices and bad location choices keep scrolling.

1.  This was my fist outfit post of 2015, tbh not as bad as I expected. 2. A ski outfit in the snow. 3.  Another snow outfit, while on a family holiday in Denver. 4. Wearing a cute dress from Black Milk (back in the day when i was a avid collector)

5. Look how hench I look! haha, not one of my best. 6. More Black Milk, I wish I had kept this and wore it for Hallowen! 7, 8. Black Milk again, This is when I started to work out how to use my camera and lighting.

9, 10, 11. These all make me so nostalgic, back when rich lived at home we would spend so much time in the forest going for picnics and walks, he took all these blog posts and Im still pretty happy with the images. 12. I love these trousers! I wish my but would fit in them!

13. The patented leggings stage. 14,15,16. This was one of the first items I was gifted for my blog and I remember being so excited and surprised that some would send me free clothes. I loved these legging and still wear them now.

17. Loved this out fit! I need to rehear it this winter! 18. Again I really liked this look, the dress I'm wearing shrunk in the wash so its a t-shit now, sad times! 19. The start of my love with flares!!!! 20. One of my most viewed blog posts! Im sure I be rocking this look again this summer.
21. Caring on with my pinup style. 22. Cute top!! 23, 24. Getting excited about summer festivals (this was just before my accident)
22. Taken 2 weeks after my accident, still in the leg brace but managed to make it to the IOW festival. 23. I took the brace off for this pic (naughty Sophie!) This week was a turning point for me, I couldn't work as a dancer and I turned to blogging to keep me occupied, this was when I decided that blogging is what I want to do.  23. Being the props girl for The Cream Tease at the festival. 24. One of my favourite outfits.
25. Being a summer goth and feeling cute! 26. Getting excited for winter (even though this was taken in July) 27, 28. Feeling cute!

29. When my love affair started with Dungarees. 30. dressing like grown up for once. 31. Having an amazing time at London Fashion Week!!! 32. I loved this blog, my dad took the pics for me.

33. This was taken just after I had gotten over my blood poisoning, I feel like I've been through a lot this year! 34. Another pair of Dungarees! 35. What was I thinking with this outfit! 36. When I finally figured out where to take my blog photos, only took me 8 months! Haha.

37. Love this outfit! 38. One of my favourite blog posts on 2015. 39. Such a beautiful dress! 40. Another of my most viewed blog posts.
41. This is where I finally got out to take my photos how I wanted and make them all have the same look. Also my 3rd pair of Dungarees! 42. Feeling festive on the 1st of December. 43. Casual outfit for a lunch date with Rich. 44. My Matrix outfit, haha!
45. If you can't tell I brought a new Mickle Kors bag.. 46. Feeling cute. 47. New Shoes to make me feel fancy! 48. I love this outfit!! And you all seemed to too!
49, 50. Two casual work outfits, again with my bag. 51. My Star Wars outfit, love this pic Rich took! 52. Feeling cute like a snow bunny for boxing day.
And here is todays outfit, Its the 31st today and I'm just dressed casually for work, the fancy outfit will come later!

Hope you liked this little through back post, I really enjoyed putting it together, leave me a comment of your favourite outfit of the year! Have a wonderful evening if you are are out partying or having a quiet one, hope you have a lovely time. See you all next year !!!


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