24 November 2015

Pretty Underwear | Married and Bright

"For me lingerie isn't about seduction, its about being a women" 

Dita Von Teese

Underwear can really change a women, make her feel special, confident, sexy... When I wear it I feel powerful, I stand up straighter, and feel I have a twinkle in my eye.

 I get asked quite a lot in ways you can feel happy in your own skin, embrace your "problem areas".The way I look at my body is that either I like it, get over it, or change it. There is no point in me spending my whole life worrying about the small bit of weight around my tummy that shows when I sit down in a skin tight dress. I personally like my little bit of fat, I feel like my body needs it, I have a large bust and a large bum, that little bit around my middle helps balance me out. 

There are little tricks I would use when I had photo shoots or Burlesque shows. Some times I would go through stages of really not feeling confident so this helped me. Sounds silly but it worked for me. I would tell my self from the moment I woke up on the day of the photo shoot, that I was Dita Von Tease, I would become this character, swan around pretending to be this glamours lady, take hours getting ready, be a complete diva (it really annoyed my parents sometimes...) and by the time it came to the photo shoot I would no longer feel self conscious, Dita wouldn't get self conscious so why would I? Now I'm not suggesting to live your life like that, its important to be comfortable in your own skin, but from time to time we all have that wobble, self doubt, it really heleped me, so it might help you?

Special Underwear can make you feel like a new women, This set from Married and Bright is so beutiful, it is all handmade, and made to your exact size. they have loads of designs to choose from This is the perfect thing to treat your self to, make you have that extra confidence boost. I love the design of the embroidery in the center, reminds me of my burlesque days. Also the colour of the straps with the gold detail, so pretty! The set is really well made and fits me perfectly. I love the personal touches you get when you buy from independent stores, my set turned up in a super shiny gold parcel with matching stripped wrapping and a hand written card. # Its the small things! Please take a moment to have a look at there website, they have so many beutiful, unique pieces 



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