11 November 2015

Belle of the Ball with Chi Chi London

Christmas party season is fast approaching and finding the perfect party dress can be a challenge!

Chi Chi London has you covered this season! They stock a huge range of beautiful party dresses with a large size range from Petite to Plus Size. They have couture, high end designer styles at a really affordable price, all of there dress have a classy, classic elegance that I absolutely love!

 I was contacted by them asking to choose a dress and it actually took me several days as they are all so lovely! In the end I chose the Katy Dress a beutiful dark navy with silver lace detail, I love the sparkle of the silver, makes it perfect for a party! I have 2 party's to attend in December one is at a huge manor house, its all very posh (to posh for me) and the other is my work party that's a lot more casual, I chose this dress as I felt like it will suit me for both occasions. This dress makes me feel really confident and comfortable, holds me in well and accentuates me curves. 

One thing I will say about this dress, not really a negative but just something to keep in mind, I found the sizing on the chest area to be a quite small. I have quite a large bust and I did struggle to zip up the zipper, it doesn't help that there are padded cups inside. So if you have a normal/small chest this will be perfect for you but if you are like me I'd size up.

They do this dress in several colours, pink, red, white ect, so many! It also comes in a midi style and a maxi with long or short sleeves, here is the link to my exact dress,
but take a look at these too!

Thank you to Chi Chi for this beautiful dress, I cant wait to wear it! Make sure to check out there website and follow them on there social media!

Instagram @chichiclothing

Twitter @chichiclothing



  1. Wow, I need this dress! Looks beautiful on you!

  2. Thank you! I know the dress is so lovely! X

  3. you look radiant! <3 i love it in navy but in pictures from others it doesnt look like dark navy at all, more... rich in colour? i dont know how to explain. maybe its the filter theyre using, i really dont know. either way, would you say its more on the dark side or more vivid?

    1. Thank you! I'd say the colour is a dark navy is almost looks black in some lights. Is is just a fraction more blue that what is displayed on the website. http://www.chichiclothing.com/products/Chi-Chi-Katy-Dress.html

      This dress here (I know its a different one) is a closer representation of what the colour is http://www.chichiclothing.com/products/Chi-Chi-Saskia-Dress.html

      It comes is loads of colours so if you wanted a more vibrant blue I'm sure they do one :)


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