3 November 2015

Autumn with Asos

Asos is one of my favorite online shops, and it has not disappointed with with years autumn collection! So here are a few of my top picks that ill be adding to my Christmas list.

So if you cant tell I'm obsessed with pom poms, all my handbags and purse have them on. I saw these shoes and instantly knew I needed them, the shape is really classic with the T bar, but the pom pom adds such a fun flirty touch.

Another stand out accessory is this really simple circle belt, its a steel at only £8 and it will instantly transform a outfit into the 70's. All you need to do is wear this with last years jeans or simple dress and it will update it and make it so on trend.

Something I love to wear every in winter is a jumper dress, I think they are so easy to style and has a really sexy sophisticated feel. Both of these above would fit so well into my wardrobe. I love the classic turtle neck in this beautiful colour, its definitely something that I could re-wear next winter. This lace up one is a little more trendy and might not be in next winter, but when the prices are so cheap you can afford to follow the trends.

Buttons seem to be every where at the moment, and I can see why they look so cute! I have a few items already in my wardrobe already but I still have room for more. I love this denim shirt dress, I saw a few girls at London Fashion Week wearing them and I have be lusting after once ever since. I particularly like this one because it a mini dress. I am short so if something is knee length, it can make me appear even shorter, hence my love for this Asos one!

Let me know in the comments what your favorite item was, also if I had to buy one which item should it be? I love hearing from you all! Hope you had a wonderful Halloween! 

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