3 October 2015

Testing Out Temporary Tattoos

I was contacted a while ago by the lovely company who wanted to send me these temporary tattoos to try out and how could I say no, these are beautiful! I haven't seen designs like these before and I think they are really unique.

So if you haven't used temporary tattoos before, they are super easy! All you need is some scissors, a flannel and some water . Firstly cut around the tattoo you want to wear, then decide where you want to place it on your body, some times you might need some help if its on your back ect. Once you have decided peal the clear plastic off and place the sticky side onto your skin, then wet your flannel and press onto the back of the tattoo, hold there for 3 minutes making sure all of the tattoo is wet. Then carefully peel back, and hopefully it will reveal the tattoo on your skin.  

I absolutely love these tattoos they'r so simple and classy, and don't look fake at all. I think this is a really good way to spice up a outfit or even try out to see if you would like to get a real tattoo. Also I am really surprised on the quality, I am sat writing this blog post now, 4 days after taking the photos and the tattoos are still on and showing no signs of wear.

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