27 October 2015

Office Wear Chic #1

I haven't really shared my working life on my blog before, well I thought I would make a start. I work in a Roman museum as a receptionist, Although I have no interest in what so ever in Romans, I love my job, I love the people I get to meet and I love learning new things.

 My work uniform is pretty slack, I can wear what ever I like as long as its smart and doesn't show to much skin. I love playing the roll of sectary and dressing the part, so I thought I'd start a series on my blog featuring my work outfits in hope it will inspire you on ways to can dress smart but also be fashion forward .

This dress is such a statement while being sophisticated and lady like, the quality's I like most of my clothes to have. I love the bold stripes and contrasting colours with the simple cut. I think this dress is so flattering and I can see it working for many body types, the tie round the waist helps accentuate curves and soften the bold stripes.

I brought this dress from Marks and Spencer's, I cant find the exact one online but here are a few very similar.


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  1. Love this! i wish I could wear stuff like this to work.


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