26 August 2015

Urban Decay Naked Smoky | First Impressions | Swatches | Try Out

I'm sure you have all  heard the hype around the new UD Smoky pallet, and well I have to say its definitely worth it! Basically in this blog post I'm going to break it down and talk about the positives and negatives and compare it to my only other naked pallet .

So firstly the packaging is beautiful, a step up from the previous pallets. It has a luxurious feel with the new plastic layered sleek casing. I love the smokey pattern that it has on it through out. The whole thing seems a lot more grown up and elegant compared to the other 3.

My only 2 real issues I  have with this pallet are really small and silly but they are the only faults I can see so worth a mention . I don't like the lay out of the colours, I would prefer a gradient of light to dark like in my Naked 1, I would just find it easier to use that way. The other thing  don't like is the brush, I hate double ended brushed with a passion! I know a lot of people love them but I just hate the fact that what ever way I put it in my brush holder the bristles get squashed, and I know I could just keep it in the pallet but then ill forget about it and wont use it. Also I like that the brush in the naked 1 matched the rest of there brushes in there collection (I like things to match!)

I cant really fault any colours in this pallet they are all beautiful and can be used on there own or paired with any of the other colours. This pallet has some many different variations of eye looks to create.

So over all I love this pallet, if you would like to see more and see a eye look I created using this pallet then check out my video below! I hope you enjoyed this little blog post and hopefully found it be of some use. Let me know if you have this pallet and what you thought, I'd love to hear your opinions! 


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