9 August 2015

A Subtle Red Lip

For some reason in summer I am put off by a bright lip and want to wear subtle lipsticks and balms, so I thought I would do a small blog post on my favorite 4 red lip products that I have kept reaching for this summer. As you may have noticed red is one of my favorite colours, it makes me powerful, glamours and sexy so obviously is my number one choice for my lips! With some outfits or some eye looks a bold lip can be to over powering and that's why these products are great, I get to wear my red to give me the confidence but with out steeling the lime light.

So the first and cheapest 'Candy Apple' by Revlon. This is a cross between a lipstick and a balm, it has the consistency of a balm but has a more vibrant colour like a lipstick. It at about £7, which I think is reasonable, the formula is definitively more sticky than the other high end brands.

I LOVE this balm from benefit! I actually own another 2 as they are so handy to keep in my hand bag, I love the constancy of this, feels like butter on the lips. I also really like the smell of Benefits Balms, I cant pout my finger on what it is exactly (comment if you know), But it just smells like its good for you! This one is a bit more pricey at £16

My beloved Chanel gloss, I have had this for a few years and I still love it, its a subtle red sparkle on the lips and looks great over red lipstick! Again you get what you pay for, the formula glides on and doesn't feel sticky, it also wears really well and leaves the lips feeling really soft.

This Anna Sui one is very similar to my Chanel, although is doesn't have the glitter in and gives your lips a wet looking effect which I love! It also smells amazing like all Ana Sui beauty products, and oh did I mention the packaging !!!

So those are my four favorite Balms/Glosses for this summer, let me know if we share any of these favorites on the comments! As always thanks for reading, I'll speak you all in my next post...xxx 

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