21 May 2015

Smash Box Contouring Kit Review

I just want to start by saying om no Kim Kardashian, and am fairly new to the contouring game, I usually only bother contouring when I'm doing my makeup for stage or photo shoot. So I wanted to buy a pallet that I could use for the day, and that would give me a natural look. So click down below to find out what I thought....

This pallet retails for £30, which compared to other high end pallets I think its a reasonable price. In the box you revive the pallet with 3 coloured powders in and it has a nice large mirror, perfect for travel. It also come with a free contour brush, personally I don't like this brush mainly because its short and stumpy so it doesn't fit in my brush storage system (sorry I know that's picky), but it is a good brush with a nice textured bristle.

In the box you also receive a really easy step by guide taking you through different contour techniques for different face shapes. I actually learnt a lot from this as I never realised how having a different shaped face would alter where you place your contours.

I personally use 3 brushes for my contouring. I use the Smash Box Contour brush with the darkest shade, I then use my Real techniques Contour brush to highlight (the orange brush) and then use my other Real Techniques Contour brush to sweep the middle bronze colour over my cheeks.

Overall I would 100% recommenced this, definitely if you are starting out with contouring like me! Hope you enjoyed my post, leave me a comment and let me know what you thought!  

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