19 May 2015

Festival Outfit Inspiration || Sophia's Festival Countdown

 Only a month to go till the Isle of Wight Festival and I'm starting to get really excited to perform with The Cream Tease for the 4th time. I'm going to be doing a little festival series on my blog, so this is the first of many. 

This was my outfit yesterday but its also a possible festival outfit. I went with a cool, casual 70's vibe. I am all about being comfortable and a bum bag is a must for me. I hate carrying a bag around festivals I find after standing all day even a small bag can really make my arms ache, also if your in a crowd of people  I like to have all my belongings where I can see them. Another point I should add is that I rarely wear anything expensive to festivals as I know it will get ruined! I made the mistake of taking my favorite Vivienne Westwood sunglasses last year...they didn't even last a day (lesson learned!)

Sandals are a rare choice for me, I am undecided if to wear these or not. On the one had they keep my feet cool, they look cool and summery, and go with a lot of things BUT I have these horrible visions of porter loos and mud and things on the floor I don't want touching my feet, oh and not to mention someone jumping on my toe mid Prodigy mosh pit....hmmm maybe I'll wear boots!

Sunglasses - Primark
Top - Topshop
Belt - Vintage
Skirt - Topshop
Bag - Vintage
Sandals - Zara 

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