24 April 2015

Lime Crime Velvetines vs MUA

A while ago I did a review on the MUA Luxe London Matte lip creams, and I absolutely loved them! After loving them so much I though I would commit to buying the higher end versions from Lime Crime. So here is a side by side review, enjoy!


The MuUA isn't bad packaging for a £3 lipstick, its has a frosted plastic tube and a plan lid, I think it looks a lot more expensive than it is. The Lime Crime one is beautiful and I expect nothing less from a £13+ lipstick, the frosted tube on this is glass giving it luxury feel and the lid has embossed roses on a metal lid. 


Here is a colour comparison. I wasn't trying to get the colours to match, they are just the closes I had, if you are looking for a dupe for Pink Velvet by Lime Crime, MUA have a closer colour to the one I have used in this review.

The formula's are slightly different, the MUA is a lot thicker, and  has a sticky texture. The Lime Crime feels similar to water, its really thin and its sticky in the slightest .

The applicators on both are pretty similar, the Lime Crime has a slight smaller brush and I find that this makes it slightly easier to apply.

Side by Side Comparison 

So here I have the Lime Crime on the left and MUA on the right. The Lime Crime dries quicker and feels really light on the lips. The MUA takes a while to dry and feels sticky, but when dry again it feels really light weight like the Lime Crime,


I thought I would put them both to the test of eating with them on....

To be honest both of them disappointed me. They came off straight away, the Lime Crime one held up best, as is just wore off. The MUA one flaked off more and a felt flaky on my lips and I was dying to take it off!

Tea Test

So again here is the Lime Crime on the left and the MUA on the right, I put these to the tea test and both came out with top marks! well the Lime Crime came off the tiniest bit but still I  was impressed.


Both brands I find are easy to remove and neither leave a stain on the lips. I used my favorite makeup remover, Garnier Micellar Water,

Test of Time

So here is the ultimate test can they last a whole day at work with out reapplying ? Well here is The Lime Crime Red Velvet after 8 hours and I was so impressed, I haven't tried any other lipstick that will last this long, I was drinking tea all day, had soup at lunch and there's barley any flaking and the colour is still vibrant.

Ewwwww! So here is the MUA one after 5 hours, I wanted to do a fare 8 hours each but I just couldn't, it felt horrible and flaky and I had to take it off!

So my over all winner of this review is the Lime Crime Velvetines! I think is definitely worth the money the packaging, the product quality and the pigment is 100% better than the MUA version. That being said I would still recommend the MUA products to someone who wanted a cheaper alternative, and they are a great way to test the look of matte lips out.

So I hope you enjoyed this little review and hope it was helpful to see the comparison. Let me know what you think, thanks for reading, Sophia x

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