29 March 2015

weekly Review # 11

Once again I've had a super busy week, with work, blogging and dancing and next week looks like its going to be even more hectic! As I said last week I feel I am really getting into the swing of blogging regularly, and am managing to get 2 videos a week done and nearly a blog post every day. I just wondered if I have any dedicated follower? if so comment and say Hi, Id love to hear some feed back/what you wanted to see....

1. Getting in the eater mood 2. Having a good make-up day 3. Trying out my new purchase 4. and again 5. First Primark haul on my YouTube 6. Morning stroll with Rich 7. I love coming home! 8. My feelings exactly (I'm not a spring fan) 9. New blog post- Casual LBD.


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