18 March 2015

Styling my Purple Pop Mermaid Leggings

So I was lucky enough to receive these beautiful leggings from the brand Purple Pop at Shopa. They contacted me asking if I would like to choose a pair to style on my blog, obviously I said yes! I chose this mermaid pair as I loved the design of the scales on a matte blue/ green fabric. I see these as an alternative to some blue jeans, you can style them casual (like I have) or you could dress them up for a night out.

The quality on these is amazing as is the material, super soft and slinky. I was also really happy to see that the material doesn't go sheer, meaning I can show off the high waist cut with out worrying about anything showing. I went for a Medium, which is the size I wear in all other printed legging brands and they fit me perfectly. 

So if you want to purchase a pair of leggings, you can get them through this app called Shopa. It's kind of like Pinterest but you can shop at the same time! You create albums and make wish lists, "like" items and follow others, but the thing that makes it awesome is that you can buy directly from the app, making the whole internet shopping experience so much more fun and easier.

I hope you enjoyed this short outfit post, hopefully I'll be doing more like this in the future. If you want to know where any of the other items in this post come from, feel free to coment and ask.


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  1. Quite informative post on mermaid leggings. Few weeks ago, I bought mesh cut out leggings for my daily workout sessions and they are of good designs. They are quite comfortable for my yoga sessions as well. Recommended this to my friends as well.


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