6 February 2015

MUA Luxe London Review

 So I absolutely adore a bright lip, I actually find it hard to leave the house without wearing one! I have always want to try the brand Limecrime but living in England that stuff is pretty hard to get hold of, so I'm always on the look out for dupes, and up till now I've had no luck until I stumbled across these!

These are from the brand MUA Luxe London at super drug, they are a crazy £3!!! They have a large colour range although my local one is always sold out ! :'( I would really recomend checking them out!

The texture and matte finish is a dream come true for me. I hate sticky lipstick (I've never been a fan of a gloss). These dry completely and feel like you have no product on you face, I have found they stay on pretty much all day even when your day consists of 20 cups of tea. The only time I have to reapply is when I eat my sandwich at lunch, the middle section wears away. But considering these are £3 each I cant complain!

This pink one is called DARE and its definitely my favorite of the 3. This is my perfect pink to wear in the day, its not so bright that ill scare the cute old ladies at work but its enough to define my lips. Also its very reassuring knowing i can wear this and not have to keep reapplying and checking in the mirror. (sorry cant find a link for this :'( )

 This orange one is called ATOMIC, on a normal day I would never be brave enough to even look at this colour in a shop let alone buy it and wear it! But I thought id go crazy and try it, and I actually really like it, not something I'd wear in the day, but I definitely could see my self rocking this at the club!


Last but not least Kooky  (awesome name). I'm going to be honest I actually hate this colour on me, so much so I nearly didn't include this in the review, but i thought some people would be interested to see the colour. I think MUA is a great brand to experiment with new colours, you can test the water without breaking the bank


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