15 January 2014

Black Milk - 50 Shades of Grey

So in my last post I forgot to mention I was a Sharkie, if you dont no what a Sharkie is its a girl that owns Black Milk. Now I know alot of people think its over priced and you can get look alikes a lot cheaper, but I can tell you now they are worth the money ! (ill go more in detail about Black Milk in a future post). 

So anyway this is the outfit I wore to the cinema with my dad last night. I wanted to be comfy and casual but still turn a few heads. I love this jacket I bought it in a local all saints outlet and got it £200 cheaper that normal retail price! My scarf and jumper I got at a carboot back in the summer both under £2 each, bargain ! These boots im wearing probably in my top 10 shoes I own I bought them about a year ago and have worn them at least 3 times a week since, there so comfy and give any outfit an edge. 

Scarf- Accessories
Leather Jacket - All Saints
Leggings- Black Milk
Socks -Tesco
Boots- Ash Footwear 

Please let me know what you think, and let me know if you want a Black Milk collection.


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