12 January 2014

A little Intro

I'm Sophia I'm 19 and a burlesque dancer from the south of England, I have huge passion for fashion, every thing and anything to do with it. One thing I really enjoy is bargain hunting, charity shops and car boots are some of my favourite places to shop, I love the satisfying feeling you get when you find a real gem! Also you can find some great vintage/unique pieces (I hate paying crazy money for vintage!).  Another love of mine, keeping within the topic of fashion are SHOES! Shoes are my addiction, my passion, my love! My favourite shoe designers is Jeffrey Campbell (obviously),I love wearing something quite classic and simple and putting on a pair of his crazy shoes. 

As well as being a fashion addict, I am a performer. I have danced all my life (16 years to be precise). I now dance with a group called The Cream Tease, made up of burlesque performers, singers and dancers, I have been with them for about 18 months and have loved every minute!

So the reason I decided to start this blog is so I could share my experiences and adventures as a burlesque performer and on the side talk about my love for fashion and shoes. Ill be posting something more interesting soon, but for now I hope that has given you a tiny insight into my life.


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