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4 August 2017

The Missing Link to My Handbag Collection | Kipling

Long time no blog! Sorry its been a while, part of me wants to say I haven't felt inspired to write and the other part of me wants to say that life has got in the way. When the summer season hits the little island I call home it comes alive, I want to spend every minute down the beach but in reality I am working over time at the museum.

Any way enough of the excuses, onto todays blog post. I thought I would come back and write about the bag I have been using for the last few weeks, and the bag that has filled a huge hole in my bag collection, this Kipling Backpack. Why was it that once I left school I seemed to forget how practical a rucksack was, I honestly haven't used one since having to cart around a PEE kit! I feel like a changed women since owning my first grown up backpack, firstly I think there is something quite cool and chic about having a nice bag on you back, you look practical but stylish. I have seen a lot of rucksacks on the market that are practical and perfect in all weathers and come with everything that you could possibly need  from a bag but they look like something your dad would use. Thats why I love my Kipling bag, it has a build in padded pocket perfect for a small laptop or tablet, it has lots of small compartments inside, a place to attach you keys, space for drinks on the side but it also looks feminine and fashion forward.

So not only dose it look great you are also hands free meaning if your shopping or going out exploring a museum or just going for a walk you don't  have to worry about you shoulder aching or having to hold anything. I feel like maybe you might think I'm exaggerating how much a love this back but I honestly do and think every one needs one good stylish but practical backpack in there wardrobe.




26 June 2017

A Cool Summers Day | Jack Wills


Since the last time I came on here and wrote the UK has had a crazy heat wave, its been the hottest its been for 40 year! So I was in need of summer dresses, I had a look around on Topshop and Asos my normal shopping go to places but nothing was grabbing me. I wanted a dress that I know that I could wear all summer, that would wash well and keep on looking great. I also wanted a style that wouldn't go off trend and a style that I could dress up on colder days like today.

That lend me to the Jack Wills website, I use to shop there so much when I was younger and I remembered the wonderful quality of the clothes, (I still have and wear hoodies form my high school days!). They have a huge amount of striped items, I literally want them all! I feel like a striped top/dress is a wardrobe essential that will see you through every season so its worth investing in a slightly better quality version so you know it will last. I have linked my all my favourite items from Jack Wills below, most of which are now in the sale!

 My Top Picks... 
(most now in the sale!)


Bonus Outfit... 
Thought I would include a few phone snaps of me wearing this dress as a simple beach outfit...
*Blog post in collaboration with Jack Wills*

17 June 2017

Where Have I Been? | OOTD

It's been 2 weeks and I have managed to get behind on my blog again, the sun comes out and I just cant help wanting to spend all of my spare time sown the beach.

I consider my self to be extremely fortunate, living only a 10 minute walk to this beautiful location. I cant help but want to spend all my time there and can you blame me. 

Another reason I have been MIA has been because of my silver smithing, to my surprise the pieces I make actually sell. Which has been a huge confidence boost and made me think seriously about doing it properly and setting up a little online shop. I still love blogging but it has taken a back seat right now, there will still be regular posts (hopefully 1 a week) and I have loads of content coming your way for the rest of the month, exciting collaborations, brand reviews and a post about the new Etsy shop that I am launching.

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