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17 June 2017

Where Have I Been? | OOTD

It's been 2 weeks and I have managed to get behind on my blog again, the sun comes out and I just cant help wanting to spend all of my spare time sown the beach.

I consider my self to be extremely fortunate, living only a 10 minute walk to this beautiful location. I cant help but want to spend all my time there and can you blame me. 

Another reason I have been MIA has been because of my silver smithing, to my surprise the pieces I make actually sell. Which has been a huge confidence boost and made me think seriously about doing it properly and setting up a little online shop. I still love blogging but it has taken a back seat right now, there will still be regular posts (hopefully 1 a week) and I have loads of content coming your way for the rest of the month, exciting collaborations, brand reviews and a post about the new Etsy shop that I am launching.


1 June 2017

5 May Favourites | Life

Last month I wrote one of these and it went down really well. I thought why not do the same again and share my favourites from the month of May. So keep reading if you want to see what I have been loving...

A book recommendation, My Beautiful Struggle by Jordan Bone. (This is quite unlike me but one of my new year resolutions was to read more and I am managing about 2 books a month at the moment which is pretty good going for me!) This has been one of the first reads that I haven't been able to put down, I find Jordan's story so heart breaking but also really empowering. It's about Jordan Bone a beauty blogger who at the age of 15 was in a car accident which left her paralysed from the chest down, its a story of how she rebuilt her life with the help of make up. That little synopsis doesn't do it justice so I'll leave a link where you can read a proper one.

Number 2 is my make up category. The new product in my life that I cant live with out is this Fleur de Force x Eylure Brow Tamer. I was sent the new range of brow products by Fleur as a PR gift and while the rest are great the Brow Tamer really stood out. It keeps my (quite wild) brows in place all day but doesn't leave them with that crunchy texture which I have found with a lot of drug store brow products. I cant really say much else other than its just a great product that dose what it says on the tin!

A life style favourite for May has been water colouring. It sounds silly but I hadn't sat down and painted in so long its like I forgot that I had the skill, I was pretty surprised when they turned out half decent. (None of which are finished and all of them are Alexander McQueen inspired). I find taking time away from social media and technology to be such a breath of fresh air and just sit for an hour or so and focus on something completely different from my day to day. I feel like it dose me the world of good and its something that me and Richard enjoy doing together.

 So a trend that I have fallen in love with has been the slogan T-shirt trend, I have barley taken off the Merci Topshop tee (the one every blogger and there mum have) and when I haven't been wearing it I have been grabbing this cute one from H&M which is currently in the sale of £7! (I couldn't find it on line but here is a similar one)

Shoes of the month have been these £3 Primark loafers that are pretty much ready for the bin. So I'm kinda pissed that they need to be chucked but the were only £3 so I cant complain to bad, I'm just salty because it will be hard to find another pair. I just love the way these add a smart feel to any outfit and also how good they look with blue jeans. I think I am just going to invest in so higher quality loafers in a similar colour. If any one knows where I can find some link me below.

I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know what you thought by leaving me a comment. And also if you think you have discovered any amazing products this month that you think I should try let me know below.


28 May 2017

Bikini Body Ready? | Life

WOO! Summer is here so be prepare of all of the beach pics! I thought I would share this post to make the first proper day of summer seem official. What I mean is, is that I can look back on a cold windy day like today and remember that we at least had one really hot day.


23 May 2017

All Black Outfit for Summer | OOTD

Not the most spring like outfit I have posted but I really liked the way it looked so I had to share. I brought this dress form a shop I normally totally over look, Laura Ashley. I saw it back in winter when shopping with mum and liked it but didn't buy it, I went back in the other week and they had it in the sale, £85 reduced to £19 !! I have linked it at the end of this post, theres still a few sizes left. 


20 May 2017

Summer is That You? | OOTD | Izabel London

Thought I would just share another casual outfit on my blog, as you did all seem to enjoy my last. I loved that black skirt so much I brought a very similar one in a blue denim colour. I am also still not over the embroidery trend so chose this new blouse from Izabel London which is so beautiful, the embroidery is really detailed.

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